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California Regional Pageant, hereinafter referred to as CRP, is excited to welcome you as a city delegate for the 2017  state pageant.   Our system requires a high standard of conduct from our representatives and their families, in order to project a wholesome and positive image for our organization and pageantry as a whole. This Code of Conduct and Title Agreement applies to all activities coordinated through CRP including any local, state and national events – as well as personal activities carried out by the titleholder while holding a title in the organization during her reign. The Delegate and Parent/Guardian is required to sign this Code of Conduct and agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct and Title Agreement as stated herein. Failure to sign does not waive the delegate’s agreement to this Code of Conduct and Title Agreement, as acceptance of a title with CRP is the acknowledgment that delegate agrees to the Code of Conduct and Title Agreement and all rules herein upon acceptance.

v Delegates are required to compete at state pageant to represent their title. If a delegate does not fulfill her responsibility to compete at the state pageant for any reason, she will be required to relinquish her city title, and forfeit any and all fees paid,  prizes, including but not limited to the city crown, city sash, any and all scholarship money and prizes that may have been received at the city pageant or during the reign. A withdrawal fee of $250 shall be paid by the delegate to withdraw from her contractual obligation to represent her title at state pageant and terminate this contract, and delegate agrees that CRP has delegate’s permission to process the delegate’s credit card on file to complete this payment.  All items and reimbursement of any scholarship money shall be received at the state office within 10 days of notice of forfeit. No refunds will be given for any city or state fees paid if a state delegate fails to compete at the state pageant. Holding a city or regional title in a prestigious state organization is an honor, and the responsibility should be taken seriously.  

v Delegates are required to attend all mandatory events during state weekend to represent their city or regional title. Delegates are not to leave the venue until the conclusion of the pageant, and must be present on stage during all required times, including post-pageant photos. Delegates who are not present during all required times agree to pay a fine of $250 due to the city office which the delegate agrees to pay, and delegate agrees that CRP has permission to process their credit card on file to complete this payment. 

v Delegates are required to make a minimum of two appearances a month in crown and sash during their reign, which begins from the moment they are crowned or receive their title, until they return to crown their successor at next year’s pageant. In the case of appointed titles, the delegates reign expires after the 2016 city pageant.  Delegates under the age of 18 are required to have an official chaperone with them at all events.  

v CRP expects all delegates and their parents/legal guardians to conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous, professional and reflects positively for CRP and the organization. Delegates and parent/legal guardian acknowledge that their behavior towards others is a direct representation of CRP.  Disrespectful behavior toward other delegates, staff, directors, participants, and sponsors will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal. 

v Being a titleholder is a job that should be taken seriously. The titleholder’s job is to promote their title, promote CRP, and be a role model and serve her community through the CRP crown. Because this job requires commitment, it is required that titleholders respect their CRP title by not competing in other pageants until after their reign is over.  Accepting a state title with California Regional Pageant confirms that the delegate will hold CRP as its first priority. 

v Delegates are expected to exhibit positive character and uphold exemplary behavior in their personal life as well as when representing California Regional Pageant in public. We believe that all queens involved in the organization, and their families, are to be held to a higher standard of morals and ethics, in order to represent the organization in a dignified manner. Delegates must be of upstanding moral character and must not have any type of criminal record or history.  Delegates must not have posed for inappropriate photographs, videos or any other media. Any delegate found to have a criminal history or involved in any indecent scandal must immediately forfeit her title with CRP, and she will forfeit all prizes received, including but not limited to the crown, sash, and any and all scholarship money and prizes, gifts or travel stipends awarded to them as royalty and throughout their reign. Such items and reimbursement of any funds should be received at the state office within 10 days of notice of forfeit. If the delegate does not return the required items within 10 days, she agrees to pay a fine of $250 associated with this violation, and delegate agrees that CRP has permission to process their credit card on file to complete this payment.

v Delegates should dress appropriately, use appropriate language and act in a dignified manner at all times. Delegates should have a natural hair color and should cover up any tattoos when appearing in the CRP crown and sash. The display of body piercing is not allowed while in CRP crown and sash other than one earring in each ear. Public displays of affection are not acceptable when representing CRP. 

v Delegates should communicate with state directors in a timely fashion, out of respect for other’s time and schedule. Delegate agrees to comply with all deadlines required by the state office. Failure to comply with state deadlines will cause the delegate to pay a $25 late fee for any deadline items submitted past the deadline. 

v Delegates understand that all their personal social media sites are a direct representation of CRP and will monitor its contents to ensure that no materials posted violate this agreement. Provocative photos, inappropriate language, offensive slang, public negative comments, content containing alcohol/tobacco/drugs, and behaviors deemed inappropriate, unsportsmanlike or divisive are not acceptable. This pertains to all personal, as well as CRP related social networking sites, blogs, websites, public appearances, etc. 

v Delegates and parents/legal guardians agree that they will not post negative or disparaging comments about CRP, our staff, titleholders, directors, sponsors, volunteers, state pageant, or any other party or event affiliated with CRP on any social forum, website, blog, networking site, chat boards, social media outlets, etc. If a delegate and/or parent/legal guardian is found to be engaging in this type of behavior, she will be immediately dismissed from CRP and may be subject to litigation.

v Delegates should utilize social media outlets to promote their title, upload photos of appearances and generate interest for California Regional Pageant in their area. Any social media pages created to promote the delegate’s title should be named appropriately: California Regional Pageant TITLE YEAR.



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